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Yes, I am a Girl!

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Wondering What My Bucket List Would Be Like!

Wondering what my #BucketList would be like , Credit goes to #Lufthansa for igniting my sprite. Heart says go to the places most beautiful in the world. Conscious says love every place you visit enthused. Heart and conscience agree to the decision most apt, Say yes to the world, come out of your zone. Lives have a meaning who travel to explore. Pen scribbled veracity, my most cherished aims, Wonders of the world came as clearcut options.   Want to witness Turquoise blue Moraine Lake  flare, Blushing as the mountains reflect in its layers. Or awe-inspiring Iguazu waterfalls to get mesmerised, Explore the water cascades, some small and some big, Magnificent display of nature you bet it be.  Could be jaw-dropping Palawan islands   With most beautiful beaches,  El Nido being one more on my explore bucket list.  Why do you love the world? Share your bucket list and get a chance to win The Blind List, an unforgettable enriching experience by Lufthan

Mighty Sergeant

Hold on! O'Mighty Sergeant, What you deserve is naught, The Death of a Coward, Nor should your tears become, Humorous affair among your subordinates..   The one who killed your son, Was naught your enemy personal, What drove him to the deed, Was the service towards his country. He too, Like you,Is a patriot; He too, Like you, Loves his children; He too, Like you, adores his wife; He too, Like any soldier, Fights to protect his motherland. Then, why should he be blamed; For the misdeed , That is considered an honour, In his own Country. When.. all that war gives To the petty soldier, Is the Barbarous bloodshed, Each one fighting in the battleground, Is bound to meet the same extremity. Have you naught been taught, To battle till the last breath , Have you naught been disciplined enough, To train your Heart to be as hard as a rock. Your duty is to fight, In harsh war rigors, Let the emotions naught dilute your ardour.

Virtual Addiction

It is true, I may confess; With the ever-happening world of NET, I am obsessed. How many friends, How many likes; What have you in your kitty, For others' surprise:-o Check the comments, Count the shares; UPDATE your status, Else the virtual world will ignore!!!

Maid on Holiday

"Madam, my mother won't come to work today. She's gone to village." Shocked; I tried to find the truth behind his blank face. " She could send her elder daughter." these were the only words that came out of my chocked throat. " She accompanied mother." Prompt came the well-expected reply. - - - I looked around the house. Loads of unfinished work mocked at me. It meant I'd have to sacrifice my beautiful day on washing and cleaning! " What about my well-filed, well-painted nails?" " " " " "What if I fail to reach the KITTY-PARTY in time??" " " " " "What if I couldn't get ready properly?" " " " " " What if other kitty-members notice flaws in my quickly applied make-up?" " " " What if?" "What if?" - - - TRIN-TRIN "Hello, Mrs Sharma! You know Mrs Khanna's brother-in-law's sister

Making Headlines

"What is so special about this story?" the editor screamed.        My heart began to sink.From where could I bring new stories everyday especially when "Politics" and "Crime" were not included in my job.    "Sir, a snake measuring six-feet appeared and drank the milk offered to him.Isn't it a breaking news?"    "What the hell is going on?A news on a snake ....... RUBBISH@%%@@.You should be FIRED."      "Sir,the snake emerged from the back of Lord SHIVA's idol."   "So what?"    "Sir,the temple where the idol is placed is an ancient temple.Our news shall read: LORD SHIVA's SNAKE DRINKS MILK IN THE ANCIENT TEMPLE"      The editor seemed to be impressed,"LET IT BE THE FRONT PAGE NEWS"

Mosquito Horror

Mid of June. Exhausted from the long, cumbersome day's work, I was ready to embrace my beloved sleep. Everything seemed to be fine, until my AC suddenly came to a hault. This is the favourite time of electricity department to save electricity. Moving at the snail's speed, the fan offered no respite from heat. Tossing and turning on my heat-radiating bed, I was trying hard to sleep. - - - Buzz..........zzz. The temperature of the room was just apt for the insects to come out of their hiding places. Trying to ignore all the buzzing warnings, I shut my eyes to sleep. Ouch!  A pinch, or was that a bite ; I couldn't make out.  The war had begun. Mosquitoes had invited their relatives for the lavish dinner party. .. ..I checked the mosquito-repellent, covered my head with a white sheet and heaved a sigh of relief.    'twas my bad luck or their good luck, some of the mosquitoes, somehow, managed to enter my well-protected castle. I decided to sue all mosquito-repell